Does View Hot treatment have no downtime?

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A lot of patients come to consult us from all over the country for retreatment of wings and hyperhidrosis.

In the past, there were many consultations about recurrences and scars after surgery, but most recently, consultations about recurrence after Miradry and View Hot.

Recently, there has been an increase in consultations about ugly scars as well as recurrences.

It is publicized that there are no scars and no downtime, but it is a view hot, but in fact, there are downtime and many patients suffer from burn scars.

There are many cases of consultation about burn scars that stand out from surgery.

The case of countless white spots remaining throughout the vagina may be a surprising mark, highlighting the problem of view hot treatment.

Severe scabs that last for weeks, and scarring.

If you put a needle into your skin and give it heat, the risk of burns is natural.

Conducted by a nurse?

Without going to hospital or care

Emphasize the effect of 1 times

I don't even know the long-term prognosis

Is it really safe and wonderful to be a treatment for hyperhidrosis?

By the way, the patient who received the view hot was feeling a great fear of the intense pain on the day.