View hot scars

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Consultation on the recurrence and scars of View Hot is increasing.

Of course, not all cases, but I have experienced many cases with obvious strong burn marks.

It seems that terrible scabs have appeared for a long time.

There may still be room for improvement in the treatment that we thought could theoretically be an excellent treatment.

In addition, the lack of surgical procedures seems to be the cause of scars and downtime over a long period of time.

Although it should originally be performed by a doctor, unfortunately, there seems to be a facility where nurses are performing treatment.

The basic principle is that high-frequency waves are passed through the needle and heat is generated to coagulate the sweat gland protein. The basic principle is the same as the EL method. Is there a case that remains?

1: There may be cases where nurses are performing treatment

2: Techniques are not unified by facility

3: Long-term prognosis has not been confirmed yet

4: Damage to the epidermis is larger than expected and fine control is not possible

5: The EL method is a pinpoint method, but view hot is a so-called random method, and if you compare it to a rifle and a machine gun, the normal part will be destroyed like a machine gun. The pain is strong.

6: Unreasonableness caused by PR of big treatment in 1 times

7: Overwhelmingly lack of experience by doctors

8: Not many facilities provide careful care after treatment

The reason is assumed.

Viewhot is theoretically great and is not a problem treatment at all, and these shortcomings can be remedied and effective, and can be a great treatment.

At present, it seems to be a treatment that is a little perfect and has no downtime.

We expect a great effect to replace the EL method and a procedure that can be carried out without a specialist.