Insurance operation for odor and hyperhidrosis

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Surgery for bad odor and hyperhidrosis is carried out with insurance indications.

Some cosmetic surgery clinics are promoted to sell insurance.


However, it is doubtful that patients are satisfied with insurance coverage that is really effective and has a clean postoperative scar.


There are many patients who come to the hospital for consultation that there was an ugly scar as well as an operation that was not effective at all.


Treatment with insurance at cosmetic surgery clinic.

Certainly it may not be negative for the management of the clinic, but I think it is very difficult to do it with the highest quality, such as surgery time and post-operative care.

The patient who came to the hospital today was treated for insurance, but in the end, all the effects were as a result of the ugly scar that could be felt.


It is extremely difficult to clean the scars so that the surgical effect of my armor can be satisfied.


Actually, it is almost always a choice between taking a scar and taking an effect.


If you can afford it and expect it to be effective, we definitely recommend the EL method, which is the most effective and cost effective.

It is a safe, reliable and completely free treatment that can be used over and over again for various odor and hyperhidrosis treatments.

Moreover, medical expenses are deducted.

If you are considering an operation for your side or hyperhidrosis, we recommend that you carefully consider and select a treatment.


This hospital has many patients coming from all areas, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, for the purpose of re-treatment of higaki / hyperhidrosis.


Please feel free to consult us as we are responsible for your treatment.


Sakae Clinic

Director Nobuhiro Suetake