Is View Hot effective for the treatment of aspiration and hyperhidrosis?

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The day before yesterday, the view hot side was far away, and even if the treatment was performed 3 times, the effect could not be felt to a satisfactory level, so the patient came to the hospital in hope of re-treatment with the EL method.

Numerous patients who have undergone re-treatment after View Hot have been visited so far, but this was the first time that patients had undergone 3 treatment.

Is there an effect to do burn mark remaining 3 times? It is an impression.

60 million yen or more in total

Great effect with 1 times! There are many medical institutions that are promoted, but under the present circumstances, it is not a treatment method with a high degree of satisfaction.

Although the needle is randomly inserted to generate heat at high frequency, it is a treatment method that requires a high level of skill and has many troubles such as severe burns.

Personally, I don't think it's a bad method, but I think it's impossible to expect great results with 1 view hot treatments.

Compared to the EL method, the selectivity is inferior and the damage to normal tissue is considerable.

I think that the effectiveness can be expected first if the view hot is performed about 6 times, but in reality it is a difficult place because it costs more than 200 10,000 yen.

The view hot system may still be developing.

Randomly piercing the needle and applying heat can seem messy even when considered from the EL method.

Unlike Miradry, it seems that the principle is what doctors do, and I think this can be relieved.

If a nurse does it, I don't think that it is strictly forgiven for violating the Doctoral Law.

It is really difficult to treat odor and hyperhidrosis. This is a disease that should be carefully and selectively performed by an experienced specialist.

The EL method is also applied to medical expenses deductions and is cost-effective, allowing children to receive safety procedures.

Many doctors from all over the country come to receive this EL method, and it is a recommended treatment that can be recommended by many doctors.