Medical loan

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At this clinic, loans are not handled at all, as it is a burden on the patient's interest, but I think the problem is the act of a counselor who makes a forced loan in urgent cosmetics.

It is recommended that aesthetic medicine be treated with a margin to think about.


I have some doubts about receiving aesthetic medicine until the financial burden is unreasonable, so the clinic policy is not to handle medical loans. I decided.

It is absolutely recommended that you have less regrets if you have the treatment and hope because it is necessary and necessary.

The era of aesthetic medical institutions has become an important era.


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Hair removal, stain removal “Aesthetic medicine” can be canceled halfway ... Lawyer “Because there is no urgency, think carefully”

The decree of the Specified Commercial Transaction Law has been revised, and it is now possible to cool off aesthetic medicine. The cabinet is decided on the day of 6 on the month of 27. The long-term contract signed at the beauty salon was canceled, but similar services offered at medical institutions were not covered. It has been pointed out that there is a lack of consumer protection because medical hair removal cannot be cooled off or canceled.

There seemed to be many troubles, such as about 2000 consultations on aesthetic medicine last year at the National Life Center. What impact will this law amendment have? How do lawyers who are familiar with consumer issues evaluate? I asked Koji Ueda.

● What kind of response will be possible in the future?

“Conventionally, aesthetic medicine is a medical practice because medical treatment is applied to the skin and body, and it is not a mere beauty treatment such as beautification of the skin. , Learning school, etc.).

However, in reality, there is no urgent need for aesthetic medicine, but it is forced to make a contract urgently, the explanation of the contract or service is not properly explained, or it is guided to the store by false or hype advertisements. There were many troubles such as.

Therefore, as a result of this amendment of the law, certain areas of aesthetic medicine are subject to the same regulations as esthetics, etc., as providing specific continuous services under the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

As a result, even if you make a contract for aesthetic medicine, you can still receive the offer by cooling off that can be canceled unconditionally within 8 days from the delivery of the contract document, or by canceling in the middle of the contract period Various rules will be applied to protect subscribers, such as not having to pay for services that are not available. "

● The target is limited to "5 types"

Are there any remaining issues?

“This time, the regulated cosmetics are limited to 5 types of hair removal, acne / stain / tattoo removal, wrinkle / sag removal, fat dissolution, and tooth bleaching. Since it has been over 1 months and the total payment has exceeded 5 million yen, there will be many cosmetic treatments that do not provide specific continuous services.

For general medical care, there are many cases in which the necessity of urgent treatment is recognized, while aesthetic medical care has little such urgency. This time, a part of aesthetic medicine has been regulated, but in the first place, it is most important to consider aesthetic care contracts slowly and carefully. ''