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Pitfalls of the treatment of odor and hyperhidrosis

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There are many patients from all over the country who come to Wakiga who wish to re-treat hyperhidrosis.

In the past, there were many re-treatments for surgery, but in recent years, Mira ● Rai and Vue ● Tut? Consultation after treatment is increasing rapidly.


Although it has been promoted a large permanent effect in 1 times, the current situation is far from it.


Previously, advertisements that had been promoted as permanent effects have recently been promoted with different expressions.

Which is true?


What is semi-permanent? Half year, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year, 30 year ...

It ’s an indefinite effect period.

Semi-permanent is a problem as a treatment because the sweat glands are definitely not coagulated and destroyed.

Botox is no different from Botox, and Botox injection is much more economical, less painful, less downtime, shorter treatment time and safer treatment.


Is the treatment of semi-permanent treatment effect more than 1-30 10,000 yen per 40 times really the latest treatment?


Mira ● Rai, View ● T


There are major pitfalls in modern treatment.

No one has yet confirmed the long-term effects, and there are many facilities where nurses perform treatments.


We recommend that patients who are really worried about odor and hyperhidrosis choose their treatment carefully.

It is recommended that you confirm in advance who will be in charge of the treatment because patients who have had serious troubles and left ugly scars are being visited by nurses.


For more than 25 years, I have been working as a cosmetic surgeon, but I can say that the only treatment for odor and hyperhidrosis that I am confident and can receive with confidence in my relatives is only botox injection and EL method.