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Mira dry ... semi-permanent effect?

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Nearly half of the patients who treat odor and hyperhidrosis at this hospital are patients who have already received other treatments and wished to undergo retreatment.

In our hospital, botulinum toxin injection for temporary treatment effect

The EL method is recommended for permanent treatment.

Miradry treatment was previously PR with a permanent effect, but now it is PR with a semi-permanent effect.

Permanent effect ⇒ Semi-permanent effect

This 2 has a completely different meaning. Naturally, patient satisfaction is also quite different.

How long is the semi-permanent effect?

3 months? Half a year? 1 years? 3 years?

Since it has been introduced in Japan for several years, the effectiveness of 5 years and 10 years has not been reported. No one knows.

Many patients who have received Miradry many times and have no effect at all have left ugly burn scars.

Miradry treatment has almost no downtime or side effects ...

However, it has been said that many patients were unable to get enough sleep for 2-3 days due to strong pain after a strong treatment. Many patients have a large area of ​​apparently burned pigmentation or scarring.

Moreover, I heard that the nurse was in charge of the operation and asked the question that he did not give a satisfactory answer after the operation.

Too many re-treatment patients after Miradry visit this summer, so we recommend that you carefully consider your choice of treatment before you receive treatment.

If there are specialists who think that Miradry is superior to the EL method in all aspects, I would like to talk directly to you.