Patients who received Miradry

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The end of summer The number of consultations for patients who have received Miradry for the treatment of Waki ​​and hyperhidrosis is increasing rapidly.


・ It was publicized that there was no pain in the advertisement, but I could not sleep as much as 2 days due to too much pain


・ There was no effect


・ The heels swelled up and remained uncomfortable for over 1 months


・ Scratches like burns remain


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Today's patient was not able to feel the effect after Mira Dry at all, and it was consultation that hoped for retreatment by EL method.


The EL method is not a semi-permanent effect like Mira Dry.


The EL method can never cause strong post-operative pain like Miradry.


The EL method can be easily re-treated even after other treatments such as Miradry.


Unfortunately, the EL method is not very effective in 1 times.

However, it is a safe treatment that can be done easily and without burden, to ensure a permanent effect.


If the EL method is generally inferior to Miradry, I will quit the doctor immediately.

I think we will continue to re-treat after Miradry treatment as long as we are a doctor.


I would like to convey the facts about how to treat odor and hyperhidrosis with confidence.