Is Miradry a semi-permanent effect?

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There was an indication from a patient who has been treated for odor and hyperhidrosis.

Miradry used to have permanent effects and PR advertising before, but why has it changed to semi-permanent recently?

I do n’t know, but the expected facts are

Perhaps there were too many recurrences, and the fact that the permanent effect could not be expected was found. Permanent effect ⇒ I had to correct it as a semi-permanent effect.

If Miradry is semi-permanent, Botox treatment is much safer, less downtime and cheaper and easier.

Theoretically, the epidermis and the dermis are close to each other. The heat generated by the microwave cannot be used to selectively damage the apocrine or eccrine sweat glands, and there is a risk of burns due to the propagation of heat to the epidermis.

Perhaps the Miradry treatment is not likely to be performed as the fact that it is not effective, such as the gold thread by sagging treatment and the trend of suction method for the treatment of foul odor and hyperhidrosis, is considered.

Miradry has no downtime ...

It ’s impossible, and many patients who have received Miradry are complained that they ca n’t sleep for 2 days because of so much pain and swelling after surgery.

I don't think that treatments that rely on nurses and machines are really good treatments.

I feel that there are significant differences in all aspects compared to the EL method.