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Wakiga Miradry treatment recurrence

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After receiving Miradry treatment, there is no end to consultation about recurrence.

Although it is recommended to consult about re-treatment at a medical institution that has received Miradry treatment, no therapeutic effect is felt despite 2 times. There have been many complaints from patients such as burns that remained, sleep after so much post-operative pain, and vagina's skin swollen for 1 months.


Why is Miradry so damaging?


The reason is that treatment is poor in choice.

To destroy apocrine sweat glands and eccrine sweat glands, the surrounding skin tissue is so damaged that it is not a safe treatment with very little downtime.


The heat energy from the microwave will cause damage to the epidermis with a wide irradiation spot. No matter how much it is cooled, it is impossible to theoretically apply heat only to the dermis because the distance to the dermis layer is short.


The PR, which was said to be a permanent effect, is now a semi-permanent effect.

In other words, it will return ...

I wonder if it makes sense to receive treatment.


There are cases where nurses operate, so it is becoming a treatment that should not be received by patients suffering from odor hyperhidrosis.

It seems that Miradry has been released for about 5 years, but there is still no information that version upgrades or new models have been released.

Could I ask the reason?

The future of this treatment with many troubles is doubtful.