Aside the treatment view hot

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The summer has come to an end.

Even so, most of the consultations will be about re-treatment where various treatments are available and the effect is not realized.

There are many consultations from all over the country.

In the past, there were many consultations on re-treatment after surgery, but recently consultations after treatment of View Hot have increased rapidly.

Although it is PR with a revolutionary treatment that makes it almost impossible to smell in 1 times

Is it really true?

Recently, there was a consultation that the view hot was performed several times in succession but no effect was felt.

The doctor in charge seems to have been said to be a rare case, but even in theory, it feels like a treatment device far from a system that eliminates odors almost once in 1 times.

Since there is no selection system, the needle is randomly pointed to the skin, high-frequency heat energy causes protein degeneration of the sweat glands and coagulates to deactivate the function.

The theory is great, but because of the poor selectivity, trying to make a big effect in 1 times is sure to damage the normal tissue.

For this reason, we believe it is a treatment that requires multiple treatments.

I don't feel like being promoted when the odor is cured in 1 times for commercial reasons.

Does the manufacturer that handles ViewHot really think that the smell of armpits will disappear in most patients after 1 treatments?

It is very strange.

If there is no effect at all, there will be no end to the patients who wish to be retreated and come to the hospital.

If most of my patients can be treated with truly view hot and no downtime, I will have to quit my doctor who has been working hard and developing EL methods for many years.

There is also a question from a medical point of view that doctors who have no long-term prognosis can tell patients steadily that there is almost no odor after 1 times.