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Treatment after surgery

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In today's medical care, there was an EL method for patients after surgery.

In the past, there were overwhelming re-treatments such as recurrence and left behind after surgery, but recently, re-treatment after Mira Dry and View Hot has increased.


Re-treatment is difficult for patients after surgery ...

Once the skin is peeled off, the skin becomes very hard due to scarring.

Anesthesia isn't really painful at all, but the injection into the subcutaneous tissue, which is a scar, doubles the pain.

Immediately, the needle becomes dull and it is necessary to change the needle many times and perform anesthesia.

Since anesthesia does not infiltrate, the range of anesthesia is narrow, and there is often a slight pain during treatment.


Some doctors say that surgery is easy by side, but in my experience surgery is easy, but post-surgery is one of the most difficult of all cosmetic surgery.

Fixation is very difficult, and various things such as appearance of a mass after healing and scarring may occur over a long period of time.


Not only scars remain, but there are also problems such as infectious masses that can be called the after-effects.


If you have experienced many surgeries as a cosmetic surgeon for many years and follow your patients carefully, you will surely encounter these cases.

For this reason, no surgery is performed at this hospital.


Considering the risks and effects of surgery not only makes no sense, but it can also pose a risk of bothering patients for a long time.


The EL method eliminates all of this. I am troubled by my side. We can promise to all patients that it is the first-line treatment.