Cell Treatment Academy

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Autonomous therapist training academy will be held for 4 days from tomorrow to 23rd.

Place is Sakae Clinic Academy Room & Salon528

The world's first autonomic neurology will be linked to functional anatomy and lectures will be given in detail to learn autonomic nerve and body approach techniques.

In the academy, lectures on autonomic nerve business and management in Japan are also incorporated, and not only therapists, estheticians, and judo remediators, but also corporate CEOs and executives are participating in this academy.

You can learn know-how of autonomic nerve business.


・ Effectiveness and actuality of autonomic nervous products

・ Current status of autonomic nerve care

・ Autonomous approaches to health, beauty, silver, and sports



There is also an autonomic nervous function measurement practice.

We will support you to be active as a healing therapist, autonomic nerve consultant and autonomic nerve advisor.