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Wakiga treatment Miradry retreatment

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Consultations and treatments for re-treatment of Miradry are increasing.

Okinawa, Kochi, Niigata, Chiba ... There are many patients from all over Japan who are suffering from recurrence and scarring after Miradry treatment.

Mira Dry is said to have no scars or downtime, but there is a risk of burns, and there are many swellings after treatment.

Is there a case where a nurse is performing a procedure, and is it performed appropriately? Many patients are in doubt.

PR is also a permanent effect from a permanent effect?

Formerly, it was publicized for permanent effects. Miradry has recently had a strange phenomenon that PR has been changed to many permanent facilities in many facilities.

Which is true?

The treatment for patients who have already been treated with Miradry is not as good as surgery, but it is assumed that scar formation has occurred in the subcutaneous tissue and the infiltration of anesthesia is poor and the treatment is not easy.

For patients who have received multiple Miradry treatments because they are not particularly effective, the subcutaneous skin becomes very hard as a so-called burn scar condition, and pain may appear during local anesthesia.

When treating patients in these cases, the first treatment should be careful. I strongly think.

New treatments with various treatments added to Miradry have also appeared, but it is thought that Miradry alone has poor therapeutic effects and no permanent effect.

Wakiga's magic treatment! I think that the truth of Miradry, which has been publicized so much, is gradually becoming known.

Responsible doctors should never leave a nurse to perform Miradry treatment.

Please consider carefully your treatment before entrusting your precious body to the nurse.