Wakiga treatment, the true identity of view hot

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Recently, consultations on troubles of View Hot and recurrence after View Hot treatment have increased rapidly.


The biggest feature of View Hot of the latest treatment of Waikiga and hyperhidrosis that combines safety and safety of more than 95%,Immediate effect can be realized However. A medical stamp with 36 elastic thin needles, which destroys sweat glands, which are the source of the scent of wakiga, with heat. With patented technology cooling and anesthesiaAlmost no painThere are no long-term scars or pigmentation after surgery, and there are no fixations or bathing restrictions.


It has been extensively promoted View hot treatment.


I don't know what it is based on 95% or more, but I can say that it is impossible to have such an effect in view hot, even if you have medical good sense.


Certainly it is an excellent treatment in theory, but there are still few impressions, such as there are few choices, there are facilities where nurses are performed, and there are very few specialists who are sufficiently skilled and confirm the long-term prognosis .


Excessive and excessive advertising leads to medical distrust.


View hot and ridiculous ugly There are many patients who are suffering from burning scars.

Patients who have been treated with view hot on their palms and are suffering from bruise burn scars have also been visited.

Anyway, anyway, hyperhidrosis is view hot!


The advertisement of the medical institution is also noticed.


Long-term prognosis and reliable protocols and safety are not well established. View hot treatments should be carefully considered.


For children in particular, it seems unlikely that satisfactory results will be obtained with 1 treatments.

It ’s important to note that downtime is n’t exactly the same.


There is a difference between the advertisement and the current situation that are being promoted so much View hot.

This system is recommended and an import agent is provided. I would like to hear the direct opinions of manufacturers.