Wakiga cream

Miradry treatment for children

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Consultation on re-treatment after receiving Miradry treatment will continue.

The counselors always made a strange sound Why did Miradry say good things in the advertisement, and even though the doctor told me that there was no risk or pain, severe swelling and pain in the skin continued and had no effect at all Will it be a miserable state? I ’m told I ’m not convinced.

State-of-the-art treatment for treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis Mira Dry There is no downtime and you can expect a permanent effect!

It has been brilliantly publicized, but recently there have been too many troubles, recurrences, and complaints

A combination of mira method and 〇 method

The effect is semi-permanent

The PR complaints are changing.

Theoretically, the damage to the epidermis is insignificant and has little effect on the destruction of apocrine sweat glands and the treatment of children, as well as causing strong post-operative pain and swelling. I can affirm that.

About 30 years ago, Wakiga was easily cured with a suction method and scars were hardly conspicuous, and it was widely publicized that many patients received this suction method and were not effective and had disastrous results. This is a famous story in the history of treatment of beauty surgeons and hyperhidrosis.

Now, no cosmetic surgeon uses the suction method. Could I ask the reason?

It turns out that it is a tondemon treatment that has almost no recurrence or has no effect just by damaging the skin.

I think that the old suction method is equivalent to Mira Dry.

Miradry can only have a semi-permanent effect. In addition, there are not many downtime, and there are many medical institutions where nurses perform treatments.

I think you should fully consider it before you can receive treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

We are very worried about the current situation in which only re-treatment is increasing at our hospital regarding Mira Dry treatment, which has no merit compared with EL method.