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New Year's medical care starts from 5 days.

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New Year's medical care will start from 1 month 5 day.

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In 2018, we will continue to pursue research in advanced beauty care and provide it as a medical service to patients.

In recent years, consultation on troubles in discounted aesthetic medicine has increased rapidly.

In addition to having little experience as a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist, the number of medical institutions that give priority to profits and increase efficiency is increasing, with the primary care being taken by nurses.


In 2017 alone, 2 deaths were reported in news at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Nagoya. It's a shame.

Sudden Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Many patients were consulted in cases where problems occurred due to the closure of medical institutions and the termination of treatment by many patients.

According to the patient's story, he had been treated for hair loss and spots without being able to see a doctor.

The receptionist was surprised to hear that the hair removal was done with medical equipment and there was no doctor at the facility.


Double surgeon surgery is 19800 yen. Whether this price is appropriate or not is clearly understood by a well-trained cosmetic surgeon.


I would like to implement patient-oriented medical treatment in 2018 so that cosmetic surgery does not become gray medical care in any case.


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Sakae Clinic

Director Nobuhiro Suetake