Initiatives for medical safety

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At Sakae Clinic, we are working every day to improve medical care.

Medical facilities in the field of cosmetic surgery are closely related to life-threatening medical problems.

Unfortunately in fiscal XNUMX, two fatal accidents were reported at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Nagoya.

Because of our policy not to perform any risky surgery at this hospital

Breast augmentation


Face lift


Wakiga / hyperhidrosis surgery


Is a policy not to do. The above surgery is risky.

Even a skilled specialist cannot completely eliminate the risk.

The big trouble that is not reported is actually happening.

Wakiga hyperhidrosis surgery is a risk? It may seem that there are not a few troubles such as skin necrosis, blood type, formation of masses, and hypertrophic scars.

There are limits to the skills of doctors.


In order to eliminate all risks as much as 100%, we have created guidelines for ensuring safety.


Inadequate measures for medical accidents and infectious disease countermeasures, which are common in cosmetic surgery clinics, are conspicuous. In 2017, a fatal accident related to two cosmetic surgeries was reported even if only exposed to the surface, and human error is strongly suspected.

In our hospital, we have a philosophy of cosmetic surgery, but we do not perform high breast surgery or liposuction.
This is because we recognize our skills as specialists and lack of equipment to handle these risky operations as a medical facility.

Most medical accidents in cosmetic surgery are not only due to mistakes by the doctor in charge, but also due to skill problems, lack of equipment in medical facilities, response to medical accidents, and lack of countermeasures.

In order to provide better medical care to patients, "About some enforcement such as the medical law to establish the system to provide high quality medical care" (Med. Strict safety manuals are installed in the clinic based on Seikatsu No. 19) to educate and train staff, and strive to provide safe medical services to patients as described below.

1:Guidelines for medical safety management

2:Medical accident prevention manual and guidelines

3:Guidelines for measures against hospital infections

4:Hospital infection control manual