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The miserable state of Waqiga surgery

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

Yesterday, we re-treated patients who had been treated for 2 degrees of stagnation and hyperhidrosis in the past.

The skin of a patient who has already undergone surgery has scar contracture, so the skin itself becomes quite hard and anesthesia is difficult and painful.

The trouble after surgery is not only blood and necrosis.

The plugs in the pores are clogged, the appearance of a mass, or folliculitis is more likely to occur ...

I always think that when I see a patient who has been suffering for many years after this operation, surgery is not the treatment that should be done.

Especially for women, it must be avoided to leave ugly scars.

There is no limitation of daily life after surgery, and there is no pain and a permanent effect can be expected.

What is the cure without scars at all? ? ?

Does it really exist?

The answer is yes.

All conditions can be met with the EL method.

However, unfortunately, it is not possible to satisfy all the conditions by treatment with 1 times.

It is an EL method with great effectiveness and benefits, but requires multiple treatments.

This is the only drawback.

However, the permanent effect is never inferior when compared to Miradry, View Hot's 1 treatment effect.

The price is much cheaper than Mira Dry and View Hot around 1 times, it finishes in a short time, and there is no pain and no swelling.

Many doctors are visiting from all over the country to actually receive this EL law.

At the moment, we have promised patients over the life of doctors that they are the best treatment for Waxy Hyperhidrosis.

Before choosing Mira Dry, View Hot, or Surgery, I would like you to receive counseling to know the truth about Wachyga hyperhidrosis treatment.