Wakiga cream

Comparison with Miradry

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Increasingly, inquiries from patients asked about the comparison between EL method and Miradry.

Despite being semi-permanent, Miradry is a fairly expensive treatment per 1.

Recently, treatments that are not combined with ultrasound or Miradry alone have also appeared.

I think that there are not a few patients who are confused about the choice of treatment.


The conclusion is that the EL method can achieve a permanent effect with very little downtime. However, multiple treatments are necessary.


Miradry's permanent effect is currently unknown or difficult. There are many cases in which the downtime is larger than PR and leaves a burn mark. The treatment cost per 1 times is high. There are many nurse treatment facilities.


It will be a difference.

There is no magical treatment for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis, so we recommend careful consideration.