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Regarding medical safety

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In our hospital, the main medical treatment is self-paid medical treatment by appointment, but we have a medical policy that no risky surgery is performed.

As a medical institution advocating cosmetic surgery


1: Liposuction

2: Breast augmentation

3: Face lift

4: Bone cutting


This is the only medical institution that does not perform any of the above operations.

Some cosmetic surgeons say that 1-4 surgeries are safe, but there are certain risks.

There are facilities that perform surgery after fully ascertaining the patient's requests for risks and benefits. However, there are many medical institutions that do not fully explain the risks of local anesthesia before surgery as the cause of death.

It is a pity that the best measures to prevent medical accidents have not been taken, but deaths at cosmetic surgery clinics will continue.

Our staff is constantly working on safety measures by following the laws and notices on medical safety measures of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


I strongly hope that there will be no fatal accidents in cosmetic surgery due to doctor's negligence or overconfidence.