Fractional laser system SELLAS

Nurse's treatment

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I was surprised to see the skin condition of the patient who came to the hospital for acne scars today.

Recesses and post-inflammation pigmentation ...

It was in a state where it was gone.

The nurse teacher was in charge of fractional laser irradiation at a major cosmetic surgery.

The nurse teacher seems to be active in every beauty treatment in the facility.

I don't know if it's for discounting purposes, but the price that has been set out is far lower than our hospital can handle.

From that facility, I often come to the hospital for consultation on burns and burn scars after fractional laser irradiation, which I have been in charge of by the nurse teacher.


Fractional lasers are considered to be extremely difficult for nurse teachers because of advanced knowledge, ability to read changes in the skin, and appropriate changes in setting parameters.


The problem of burns and burn scars can be attributed to incorrect settings of energy, spot beam irradiation, and inappropriate care after treatment.


You may regret if you do not receive it at a facility where a specialist who is skilled in your treatment takes responsibility.