Re-treatment after view hot treatment

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Consultation on re-treatment after View Hot treatment is increasing rapidly instead of re-treatment after Mira Dry treatment.

More than 95% effective! There is no downtime and no scars left on the monitor, so you can get a cheap treatment.


Attractive words are being promoted, is that true?

I asked the manufacturer's representative, but the answer was that such an excessive effect could never be expected.

In other words, although the manufacturer does not recommend it, does it mean that the medical institution side has been publicizing the effect different from the fact without permission?


Good news for those who suffer from wakiga and hyperhidrosis! ! ! The latest treatment view hot! Mira Dry!


It seems that there is a lot of people who will not receive treatment with the latest treatment if they know the actual situation.


There is still no magical treatment to cure wakiga and hyperhidrosis in 1 times.

This can be affirmed as a specialist who has been in charge of treatment for many throbbing and hyperhidrosis as a cosmetic surgeon for over 25 years.

None of the cosmetic surgeons I directly taught do such an oversized PR.


If Miradry and View Hot are so effective, safe, and have low downtime that surpasses the EL method, I would like to immediately close the clinic and apprentice to this PR.


Every time I get a re-treatment, I feel that excessive advertising will greatly reduce the reliability of cosmetic surgery.

Shouldn't morals as a doctor be given priority over the sweet words of contractors?