Mira Dry

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Consultations on re-treatment after receiving Miradry treatment have been increasing since the beginning of this year.

Miradry treatment that has been extensively and permanently promoted and emphasizes only the benefits.

A treatment called View Hot has also appeared, and some facilities have been combined or modified to avoid Mira Dry claims.

Permanent effect → Semi-permanent effect and large effect toned down.


I think that it was a medical problem that Miradry, which had been followed only for a short period of time, was promoted as a permanent effect.


Above all, the amount of downtime, pain, and recurrence more than expected of Miradry is a problem.


We tell patients who are suffering from wakiga and hyperhidrosis to carefully consider treatment methods.


Also, it may not be a reminder of whether or not the treatment that the nurse performs is a responsible treatment.