View hot scar

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The number of view hot retreatments has increased beyond that of Miradry retreatment.

Today, I was also in charge of re-treatment of patients who had undergone 3 treatment on the Shinkansen from far away and had no effect at all.

It was difficult to treat with view hot spots, spot-like burn scars, and the skin itself was fairly hard and difficult to infiltrate with local anesthesia.

It was said that a severe scab lid remained for a long time and pain also appeared.

Because it was attracted by the advertisement that it was completely cured in 1 times and was not effective, it was recommended to re-treat at the same facility each time. However, the facilities where they were treated were conscientious with doctors each time.

Result is? ? ?

Most hot water and hyperhidrosis are completely cured with View Hot 1 times.

It is absolutely impossible to think medically if the manufacturer recommends such an excessive therapeutic effect.

View Hot's theory of randomly inserting needles and destroying sweat glands with high-frequency thermal energy is great.

1: No selection system

2: Great damage to normal skin

3: Difficult to adjust depth

4: No long-term prognosis has been confirmed

5: Doctor? nurse? Depending on the operation output and method is not constant

Is there still a problem?

It was said that the treatment of the EL method 1 times was much more effective than the view hot effect and was satisfied.

Medical institutions that have been proudly promoted by Miradry in the past have also gained prominence due to the effects of the semi-permanent tonedown and the introduction of View Hot. I want you to be.