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Recently in Tokyo Electrocoagulation There was a consultation from a patient that the treatment was not effective at all at the medical institution where the treatment was performed.

As a result of the survey, there are facilities that have been attracting customers with the contents of our homepage without permission, imitating and summarizing them, and promoting electrocoagulation.

In the Affiliate PR page of the experienced person, it is clearly stated that the secretary and the nurse are performing the procedure, and the specialist is responsible at this hospital and is completely different from the procedure.

Only the doctor can perform treatment, and the secretary without a doctor licenseIf a nurse performs alone, illegal treatment due to violation of the Doctoral LawIt hits.


In this affiliate PR page, the name of our hospital has been raised and the criticism is unclear for the reason that there is no basis for the treatment cost. However, if a doctor performs the medical practice correctly, a common sense treatment cost is required. I think that it is a problem of medical practice itself that is discounted by the treatment performed by the secretary.

The details of your doctor

The career is unclear and the track record of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology is unknown.

Even with regard to treatment, PR is incomprehensible, such as presenting treatment costs in terms of time rather than frequency.

It is impossible for medical care to be irresponsible.


The homepage is similar The facility that performs electrocoagulation in TokyoCompletely unrelated to our hospitalIn our hospital, we continue to evolve the EL method and have a track record of more than 20 years,The director is responsible from the beginning to the end..