A discounted treatment for electrocardiogram

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

It seems that the homepage of this hospital was imitated, and it was produced by excerpting part of it. In PR of a beauty clinic in Tokyo, surprising false description or violation of doctor law? What content might be hit? It seems to be an affiliate PR.

The name of our hospital is listed, false treatment costs are posted, and an expensive image is posted to promote how cheap this clinic is.

After examining this site and the contents of this clinic's website, I found it surprising.

First of all, it is clearly stated that the electrocoagulation method performed for the purpose of treating wakiga is performed by the secretary, not the director.

The general manager is usually a person without a doctor's license. Does this medical institution have a general manager with a doctor's license?

Details of the director's career listed in this clinic are also unknown.

At least no career or training in aesthetic medicine has been found. It seems that a beauty clinic was opened suddenly after cancer-related medical treatment.

It is unclear whether the director is conducting actual medical care.

It is a diagram of manager = secretary. Usually, the manager is the director.

As far as the contents of this site are concerned, it is clear how this secretary has a great influence on the medical treatment.

The time system and contents related to the electrocoagulation method are prices that raise medical questions.

Are blood tests performed before surgery?

It is a problem in a medical environment where safety measures are not taken to prevent infection.

This clinic's electrocoagulation method, which sells cheapness, may be because the secretary, not the doctor, does this.

The electrocoagulation method is exactly the same as this hospital, but the system used, the person performing the treatment, the actual results, the environment, the medical facility, and the experience are strictly different from the infectious disease measures. It is clear even if you watch the video posted on this page on youtube.

This affiliated person cannot help thinking what he is thinking. Would you like to publicize the fact that the secretary can do medical treatment that doctors originally do and can treat cheaply?

The cost of treatment at this hospital is posted so as to make it seem expensive, emphasizing how cheap this clinic is.

As far as affiliate PR is concerned, is normal medical practice being conducted at this medical institution?

I would like patients to know exactly who is responsible for the treatment and not the name of the treatment.