Wakiga cream

Electro-coagulation method 2

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There is a clinic in Tokyo that has electrocoagulation for treatment of hypertension. A very good price and Affiliators were widely promoted with videos and photos about their experiences, but I tried to examine them a little because they are difficult to understand.


1: Is blood testing done? There is no mention of hygiene management.


2: Is it a medical device? Is it an esthetic device?


3: The person in charge of the treatment is unknown just because it is a secretary and a nurse. The director is already a senior teacher in the 70 age group. Men before the year. It seems to be different from the director.

It is stated that the operation was performed by the general secretary, so it is assumed that the general management performed the operation.


4: Results are unknown


5: Why is the secretary leading the treatment without explanation of the doctor who is the director first? It cannot be a medical site.


6: Charges emphasized as cheap

Since it is not hair loss or beauty treatment, there is no such thing as performing treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis on a time basis. Do you need to pay extra to stop treatment on the way?

Extra course 35 10,000 yen 2-5 times, but if it is 2 10,000 yen, it is not a very good price. There seems to be a variety of treatments in the cost of treatment.

This kind of treatment course setting can only be thought of as being created by a person who does not know how to treat wakiga and hyperhidrosis. Treatment is a medical practice and is not performed on a time basis like esthetics.


Unbreakable armpit treatment (for 160)
* The number of times can be divided into 2 times.
Extra course
250,000 Yen
Unbreakable armpit treatment (for 200)
* The number of times can be divided into 2-5 times
Extra course
300,000 Yen
Unbreakable armpit treatment (for 240)
* The number of times can be divided into 2-6 times
Extra course
350,000 Yen
+ Sweat gland suppression injection (100 units)
After surgery, 1 weeks-10 days later
It is very advantageous price

50,000 Yen