Physician in charge of treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis

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We are conducting investigations by asking patients, friends, cosmetic surgeons, and contractors that there are medical institutions in Tokyo that have been promoted by imitating our treatment methods.


It is clear that the homepage clearly produces images in the same way as excerpts and imitations of the contents of this hospital, and even the design is similar.

Therefore, this medical institution is skillfully promoting how the medical institution is affordable and cheap with an affiliate PR strategy.


The video of the treatment was uploaded on youtube, but the electrocoagulation method performed at this hospital The effect that is completely different from the EL method was also a question.

It is unlikely that the treatment is performed using equipment that has been used in electrocoagulation.


It is a matter of course that we don't know who is directly in charge of the treatment, as well as the machinery used and hygiene management.

Even blood tests do not seem to be performed, and management of the needle for treatment is questionable.


The name of the director was clearly stated. For some reason, this director is also a director of a hospital, another medical institution.


Can 2 medical institutions serve concurrently as directors and be able to take responsible medical practice?

If you are responsible for opening and managing 2 locations, it is a duplicate name lending and a medical law violation is suspected.

Also in the past

There are also incidents like this.


* Our hospital is responsible from the beginning to the end of the electrocoagulation EL method for treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

Please consult with confidence.


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