A completely different electrocoagulation method

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.



Electrocoagulation on youtube? I found a video.

This is what the affiliate has introduced on the website, which is exactly the same as our EL method, and has been promoted as a cheap treatment.


I analyzed this video and had some questions.


1: Is the doctor or secretary doing the treatment in this video?

2: Is it really possible to expect an effect by simply puncturing the needle and not treating the face?

3: It does not appear to be inserted into the pores, but it seems that the skin is merely stabbed and energized. Is the needle inserted accurately into the pores?

4: Are you really using an insulation needle?

5: Is the machine used in the electrocoagulation method a medical device?


A video with many mysteries.


Further research has shown that it is surprising.

What is the equipment used by this medical institution? ? ?