Electrocoagulation needle

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The EL method for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis is performed using a Kobayashi-type insulated needle.

There is a medical institution that uses a low-quality, low-quality material for esthetics, called the electrocoagulation method, but it is completely different.

The insulation needle is a needle that is processed so that heat does not flow with an insulator so as not to damage the epidermis.

Naturally, it is sold at a price more than 30 times the hair removal needle for esthetics.

Research has shown that discounted similar electrocoagulation uses such a high-risk, easily deteriorated needle for treatment. In order to give the highest priority to patient safety, it is important to carefully select and select the materials and needles to be used.




It turned out that hair removal needles for beauty salons are sold at low prices.


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