Wakiga treatment with esthetic equipment?

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The secretary introduced that the secretary is doing the treatment of the armpits. It was a hair removal device for esthetics.

It is not a treatment device for wakiga / hyperhidrosis. It is not a medical device.

Is this treatment device exhibited in Yahoo! Auctions? Cannot be compared with medical devices.

There is no record of safety and effectiveness like a medical device, and even if it is considered from a medical point of view, the therapeutic effect with this device cannot be expected.

Moreover, the needle used in this device is about the price of 40 of the needle used in the clinic.

The electrocoagulation method is carried out using a low-quality needle that is cheap and easy to deteriorate with a hair-cutting device for esthetic treatment.

This beauty salon epilator is not supposed to be manufactured as a treatment device for wakiga / hyperhidrosis, but it can be extremely risky if used as a treatment device.

Is it possible to leave the treatment with peace of mind to a medical institution that performs medical treatment using this cheap beauty treatment device?


The treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis is a medical practice, not a hair loss for esthetics.


Please note the content that can be taken as excessive hype.


* This is different from the EL method implemented at this hospital and has nothing to do with medical institutions that conduct similar electrocoagulation in Tokyo. Please be careful.


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