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Huge affiliate advertising

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In the field of aesthetic medicine, there are facilities that use affiliate advertisements to attract patients.

Of course, this advertisement is a legitimate act if there is no problem in medical law ... but the quality of its affiliate is a problem.

Promote illegal activities, or promote effects that are far from the facts with exaggerated expressions.

Used as a loophole in medical law advertising.


There was a case where a page was created in which an exaggerated effect that could not be treated without any effect was posted as an experience story.

The contention of criticism of competing clinics was false.


There was even a video in that. For some reason, the doctor was only photographed. In the unlikely event that the treatment is performed by a clerk, not a doctor, this can be evidence of illegal activity.

I would like to call attention to whether these clinics will provide treatment and ensure safety.

Please be careful about the trap of affiliate advertisement.

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