How to identify aesthetic medical institutions that can be relieved

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Since there was a consultation from a patient on the issue of a medical institution that conducts similar treatment, I tried to summarize the points of a reliable medical institution.


1: The doctor's name and career are clear, and the photos are posted on the homepage.

Have at least 10 years of experience and track record in minimal cosmetic treatment alone


2: Clear experience in aesthetic medicine and clear history of work and opening


3: Do not handle loans (consider that there are no business activities)


4: The nurse does not leave a system for performing treatment.


5: In-hospital infection countermeasures are implemented, and blood and body fluids are discharged and procedures that are at risk for the next patient, the patient's blood test is always performed to eliminate the risk of infection such as hepatitis B


6: The management founder and the director are the same. Watch out for clinics where managers are not doctors.


7: It is not a system in which a staff member called a counselor takes the lead or strongly recommends treatment


8: Record of medical facilities opened at least 10 years


9: Not doing homepage advertisements that feel like esthetics


10: Posted on the homepage and in the hospital with full consideration for medical safety and personal protection


11: The equipment used in the esthetic is not used for treatment


12: Do not publicize treatment effects with excessive experience reports etc.


13: The treatment should be performed by the attending physician from the first treatment to the end. If possible, it is desirable for the doctor to perform blood collection and injection.




I hope that you will be able to use this information as a reference point for choosing a clinic when you receive aesthetic medicine.


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