Suspicious information

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Affiliate ad production company content related to Wakiga.

It's amazing content from a specialist.




Emphasizing cheapness and confusing with esthetic treatments I feel that it is full of PR that cannot be posted on the homepage by any medical institution.


Information about our hospital Please note that false contents are also posted. In addition, the content that recommended that there is a possibility of violation of the Doctor's Law as an experience story was posted on this site, but as I pointed out, it was deleted.

Of course, the cache remains, so even if you delete it, the contents of this problem cannot be erased.



Our hospital is also suffering from the damage of false treatment costs that have been posted from 2015 to 3 years in the case of wakiga and hyperhidrosis.


It is recommended that information on the treatment of wakiga / hyperhidrosis be selected after careful consideration without being distracted.