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Director of beauty clinic

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At a beauty clinic, the director may not be the person who established the management.

Of course, this is not a problem, but it would be a problem if the secretary-manager = manager-opener = manager.

This is because there is a risk that medical practices that prioritize profits may be performed in ways that violate safety and the law.

Especially in the case of beauty clinics, there is a case where it is not clear who is doing the medical treatment because it is not insurance treatment. Is it a part-time doctor or a director? ? ?


There are unfortunately some medical institutions where the director is just a name and the nurses use their arms to perform medical care and treatment.

Lending only the name, the actual treatment is not a doctor but an unqualified person. In recent years, a major incident occurred in Nagoya.

It is the result of looking at aesthetic medicine too lightly.



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Properly performed and good results The electrocoagulation method is also ineffective if inappropriate medical practices are performed Troubles and medical accidents can occur.


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