Wakiga cream

Amazing facts about the treatment device

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

It is called electrocoagulation. It is used to treat hyperhidrosis. Used in medical institutions. Has been discontinued and no needles have been supplied for treatment since 5 years ago.

As the survey progressed, a surprising fact was found.


・ No machine maintenance

・ The supply of needles has been stopped for more than 5 years and does not exist. This is a big problem if needles are manufactured and used without permission.

・ This machine is a mere waste hair treatment and has a weak output that can never be used for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis. He told me that he never wanted to use it for medical purposes.

In other words, is this medical institution doing things like human experiments?

・ Safety is not guaranteed

・ Not sold outside of beauty salons


On what route is this degraded equipment introduced?

Did you buy used equipment from esthetics? Did you get used equipment that is not maintained by Yahoo! Auctions? The purchase route is unknown.

Is it reusable to use a needle whose supply has been stopped for more than 5 years? Is it a custom order?

Accessories such as the counter electrode and cord will also deteriorate, but what would you do if there was no supply?

If the equipment breaks down, maintenance is not possible.

Is it really 2-5 times with too low level of electric energy to really cure?


Takikawa Co., Ltd.



The person in charge was very annoying.


This machine is just a waste treatment, not a level that can be used for medical treatment. The production of dedicated needles has been discontinued for more than 5 years, and now it should not be used in esthetics.

As a manufacturer, the supply of needles should stop and the device should no longer be used. I can't believe what I'm using.




If this device is used to experimentally treat the treatment of hypertension and hyperhidrosis, the possibility of a medical accident cannot be denied.


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