Wakiga cream

All about treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis

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To patients suffering from hypertension

We have created a site that summarizes knowledge about all the right treatments.

Unfortunately, there are floods of hype and illegal activities.

I would like all patients who are suffering to read carefully to receive treatment that they will not regret.


In particular, research has shown that electrocoagulation in Tokyo is a treatment that is far from medical practice.

It seems that they are attracting customers with flashy affiliate PR experience advertisements, but they are concerned about trouble.

I'm worried that a truly effective electrocoagulation method would be invalidated by an esthetic-level act using a second-hand esthetic device performed at this medical institution.


The esthetic epilator used by this medical institution has been discontinued more than 5 years ago. To be introduced at a medical institution, it can be used from an esthetic salon, or it can be used by a Yahoo auction, etc. Research has shown that the only way to purchase goods is.


It is no longer medical because it is no longer being maintained and cannot be used in a cheap way.

ご 注意 く だ さ い.


* The EL treatment device used at Sakae Clinic is an official medical device purchased from a medical device sales corporation.