Illegal answer?

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It is clearly stated that amateurs are responding to email consultations of patients who are worried about wakiga.

In principle, medical consultations can be a violation of the Doctoral Law if performed by a person other than a doctor.

The more you scrutinize this site, the better it is in terms of false expressions and medical laws that are different from the facts? It is often thought that.


It was also found that the explanation of the treatment device introduced on this site is not true at all.


The equipment introduced as a high-frequency electrocoagulator was the waste hair treatment machine from Este.

When I contacted Takikawa Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of this equipment, electrocoagulation is not possible. Wakiga treatment is not possible. There is no way to destroy apocrine or eccrine sweat glands.

Because there was a reply that this device is an esthetic device that is not a medical device.

It is clear that the manufacturer has posted content that is different from false expressions and facts because the manufacturer can not lie.


Takigawa PUPPIS / Papis ◇ Needle type hair removal machine for business use TG-5100 Epilator


Second-hand goods are exhibited at Yahoo auction for about 8-11 10,000 yen. Such a low-cost treatment device? Is it possible to reduce the cost of treatment because the treatment is done at the hospital?

Turned out to be a high-frequency electrocoagulator.

Of course, we purchase medical equipment from authorized manufacturers.


As I have been introduced many times, this device cannot absolutely treat stagnation and hyperhidrosis, and there are ethical problems.

On this site, there is a description that the hospital is doing the same electrocoagulation at a high price, and I have repeatedly told you that it is necessary for the patient to know the fact. (Currently, only that part has been deleted for some reason. Despite being published for 3 years ...)
It is clear that the medical institution that promotes this electrocoagulation method has been created by imitating the homepage of this hospital, and I am very concerned that patients will be mistaken for the same treatment method as this hospital.

Currently, many amazing facts have been revealed by analyzing this medical institution and this affiliate site.
There is also a description that cannot be ruled out as a possible breach of the Doctoral Law.
The more you analyze the videos and texts posted on this site, the more you will be surprised.
An amateur patient cannot really understand the truth.
I would like to further investigate and analyze this site.

Amazing facts have been revealed from the videos and photos posted on this site.

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