The identity of the video

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Wakiga treatment Let's analyze the video of electrocoagulation.


1: Who is practicing? Doctor? manager? Is the person with the same pants as the secretary who performed the first counseling treatment? Why don't doctors introduce names?


2: Who is the explanation? It may not be the director who is performing the treatment while explaining the video. The director is a middle-aged man who is over 72 years old. Is the part-time doctor explaining?



3: Face is not shown. Is it also the reason why you can't face up?

It is common sense that such treatment videos should be hidden if the patient is in charge.


4: Electrocoagulation method? Appears to pierce the skin more appropriately than to pierce the pores


5: Is the needle an insulating needle? Insulator unknown


From a professional specialist, it feels strange.


Will this treatment really help me?


No important points are introduced to promote medical practice.


Looking for Sakae Clinic staff


Recruiting reception / counselors and nurses

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