Malicious affiliate site

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We examine the contents and investigate whether there are any illegal expressions or contents.


This hospital has been falsely described as a click to perform exactly the same treatment as the electrocoagulation method, which has been published for 3 years under the name of high cost of false treatment on this site and has been greatly deviated from medical ethics using esthetic equipment. It was.


Haven't you been led to the wrong treatment for patients who are suffering from wakiga and hyperhidrosis at such a malicious site? I am very worried.

There is a statement that medical consultations are being conducted even if you are not a doctor.


The description that recommends criminal activity was deleted the other day for some reason, but the cache remains on the net, and the fact that recommends illegal activity can be confirmed here.


This operator is deliberately and skillfully rewarded in the form of an experience story, and it is clear that the secretary is PR of the medical institution that performs the treatment.


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