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False statements by affiliates

It takes about 3 minute to read this article.

“However, the price setting is considerably cheaper than other hospitals.

It is said that there are only a few hospitals in Japan that perform this electrocoagulation method, but cosmetic surgery is performed in Nagoya.Sakae Clinic”Was found.


Looking at the contents, it is exactly the same as what we received this time.


so,PricesIf you look into it,

Sakae Clinic Electrocoagulation Fee

  • Electrocoagulation (1 times): 194,400 yen
  • Electrocoagulation (3 times): 518,400 yen


Shinjuku Gyoen Beauty Clinic Electric Coagulation Fee

  • Trial one arm 1 times: 30,000 yen
  • This course both arms 2 times: 150,000 yen


Shinjuku overwhelmingly ● ● ● ● clinic is cheaper


So it might be cheaper even if a distant person thinks about the transportation cost to Shinjuku. "




The 6 times course was listed as a price of 3 times on the site of this hospital.

Why is it overwhelmingly cheap? It is a feature of the electrocoagulation method of this clinic. A part of this publisher is described. There is a description that is exactly the same as this hospital, but it is completely different.

・ It is the operation of the general manager and nurse
・ We do not use medical equipment We use low-cost (about 10 10,000 yen used) waste hair treatment equipment
・ No blood tests and no consideration for hygiene
・ Introduction and achievements of the director are unknown
・ Surgery using a needle whose origin has already been discontinued
-For some reason, the director of this medical institution also serves as the director of 2
・ Director's explanation is unilateral
・ Video treatment is not an electrocoagulation method
・ We are doing false PR using affiliate PR
・ Persons who have unknown aesthetic medical experience
・ Anesthesia and anesthetic drugs are unknown
・ Classification that treatment time and frequency are impossible

・ The contents of the homepage are excerpts or imitations of the contents of this hospital.


From what to what the completely different electrocoagulation method was exactly the same, and the lie was published for 3 years.
This is a horrible site.

Please make sure that patients with wakiga and hyperhidrosis get the correct information.


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