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Violation of medical law at medical consultation and affiliate sites? Evidence of

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We have examined and investigated the problems of malicious affiliate sites, but we have come to understand the serious problems of this site.

A publisher without a doctor's qualification provides medical consultation. There will be consultation emails for many treatments


It is clear that there is a possibility of violating the Doctoral Law, even if it is a testimonial, if you give specific treatment consultations or consultations regarding the disease called Wakiga.

It may not be a problem to talk about your experience unilaterally, but the publisher is answering questions by email. In other words, this is for medical consultation.


That is proof.

And ...

The operator has been found to be rewarded by answering email questions and directing them to specific medical institutions. Is it false content or a violation of the Doctoral Law? Content that recommends possible content, and medical consultation of the operator.

The reality that such problematic PR sites are left open is unfortunate as a doctor who carries out aesthetic medicine.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare strongly hopes not only to control the contents and expressions of medical institutions' websites but also to strengthen the control of such illegally likely sites.

Surveys have shown that they are getting a high reward for 1 guided wakiga patients.



Try answering the question email!

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Some of them have sent me some questions directly by e-mail, and I have responded at any time, but if you can refer to them as frequently asked questions ... came.


Are there really scars left without cutting?

Yes, it does not remain. Since the needle is inserted into the pores one by one by hand and electricity is passed through, redness will appear after the operation, but it will disappear in a few days. Since there is no incision with a scalpel, the wound is zero.

Isn't it painful?

Anesthesia injection is given before the operation. So this hurts. Since I am injected several times, I will endure only during this time. Since the anesthesia is effective during the subsequent electricity, it will not hurt at all.

I am a man, but my armpit hair is gone? It's a little ...

The manager himself does hair removal, so there is no armpit hair, but my husband is not only bobo, but I received 2 treatment, but the appearance has not changed much. The person himself said, “Is it a little thinner?” Normally, armpit hair removal is necessary for 5 to 6 times, so you don't have to worry so much about 2 times.

How effective was the smell?

I wrote this several times in the article, but it was quite effective. About half of the 1 times, the deodorant does not smell any day, and the 2 times it almost disappears. Isn't it completely, but about 9 percent?

Has the amount of sweat decreased?

Yes. Even in summer, you can say that there is almost no sweat blemishes under the armpits. Personally, this is also a very nice point. It is the point that impressed me that I crushed the sweat gland (apocrine gland).

Which is better, Mira Dry or Electrocoagulation?

To be honest, some people said that Miradry had no effect, and in the first place it was too expensive and the manager and the husband and wife gave up, so there were reasons for having undergone electrocoagulation. As a result, it is the present situation that both of them are happy to receive the electrocoagulation method. I was relieved that the general manager of Shinjuku Gyoen Beauty Clinic explained in detail, including Miradry.


You can choose whether to receive or not after listening to the story, so it may be good to try it once from the counseling.



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