Electrocoagulation time magic

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Since the other day, exactly the same treatment as this hospital. The treatment of crisp that has been promoted Affiliate and guided to the treatment of a cheap clinic when electrocoagulation is received at a low price.

There seems to be some patients who have been treated at this facility because the price of our hospital is expensive, even though there is nothing the same starting from the treatment equipment.


Does this facility use esthetic equipment for electrocoagulation treatment? However, it has become clearer that the treatment cost is based on time. At an affiliate site, it was explained that a current of 5 seconds was applied at one location, but this is not possible medically. If a high frequency is applied to the same location for 5 seconds, the skin will be burned and it will be serious. (The video does not seem to be energized for 5 seconds)

In the electrocoagulation method at this hospital, 0.5 seconds for one place. is enough.

In other words, treatment can be done in one-tenth of the time, and treatment that takes 100 minutes at this clinic will be completed in 10 minutes. If you use the time system, you will be able to earn treatment costs, which is actually very expensive.

There is an estimate of 2 to 3 million yen for hair removal of esthetic salons. In the past, needle hair removal was ineffective and took a lot of time, so the cost of over 1 million yen was common sense even for hair removal.

The common sense of hair removal is that the output is weak and long treatment is essential.


There was a mustache here that had to be timed.


The more you look at the treatment mechanism of this facility, the more mysterious medical care has become apparent.


Unfortunately, it was introduced by Affiliate that our hospital and this facility were introduced with exactly the same treatment for wakiga.




Currently, only the description of the part that could be taken as a violation of the Physicians Act and the description of our hospital have been deleted.
It's a pity that the content of this site has been misleading for many patients over the last three years.


An oral response was received from the manufacturer saying that electrocoagulation cannot be performed for esthetic treatment devices, but we are currently waiting for a written response.


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