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Wakiga Busters site


The reason why the clinic is in Tokyo is unknown.


If you have a lot of cosmetic treatments, you should have disclosed your experience as a doctor, such as your doctor's background, achievements, research, degree and whether you have a specialist.

Who will be operating? do not know.


Isn't it like a practice table for doctors with little work experience in aesthetic medicine? What kind of response can you take when trouble occurs?

If this is not clear and the clinic is simply famous for advertising, there will be quite a few patients who are distrusted when they visit the clinic.


Advanced technique and many years of experience are required. Wakiga treatment. Electrocoagulation method. The EL method can never be done with an esthetic sense. This treatment is more difficult than surgery.


Providing patients with information such as their own career, work history, and specialists will lead to a sense of security for the patient.

If you make it clear on the website, patients will be able to know who is in charge of their treatment and feel safe.


Looking for Sakae Clinic staff


Recruiting reception / counselors and nurses

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