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It seems that medical institutions that perform electrocoagulation treatment in Tokyo are using Groupon to attract customers even in facilities with different clinic names.

Of course, there is no problem in attracting customers using Groupon even at medical institutions, but our hospital has a distinction from medical treatment with group discount from the standpoint of responsible treatment for each patient.


The name of the clinic will not change.

In the case of male customers, it is strange that a medical institution may change the name of the clinic.


* Our hospital provides information to properly convey the electrocoagulation method and EL method to patients.

Just as it was posted on the affiliate site, we received complaints from patients regarding treatment costs.

This is a thorough investigation of the differences in electrocoagulation methods in Tokyo, analyzing affiliate sites, and presenting the actual conditions to the patients who are considering electrocoagulation as the correct information.


In addition, we will provide information as a cosmetic surgeon and doctor who is involved in aesthetic medicine for more than 25 years in order to disseminate the correct way of aesthetic medical care, which is said to be a black box.


It is not to blame a specific medical institution.


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