Staff recruitment

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We are looking for new staff to expand the medical beauty treatment business.



1: Reception / Counselor

2: Esthetician

3: Nurse


Looking for Sakae Clinic staff


Would you like to help those who shine together!


According to our hospital regulations


Become a beauty expert! ¡

If you work at this clinic, you will surely become an expert in nature and beauty. Currently, women in the 20 generation are playing an active role. You can enjoy a relaxing and high-quality service in a space like a luxury hotel. People who are active in the media, such as famous athletes, models and entertainers, are also visiting.

This clinic is fully reserved.
Since there is almost no situation to be dealt with from one to the next,
The business will not become a flow work.
Please grow step by step through support, customer service, and various business activities.
Careful customer service skills and cosmetic knowledge are acquired.

Benefits unique to this clinic

To acquire first-class service
The finest resort facilities can be used if you become staff.
Based on the director ’s thought that “I want everyone who works to shine beautifully”
You can give advice on the beauty of the staff and experience treatment.
Because I know the effect and be beautiful
Motivation for work will also increase.
And most of all, the persuasiveness to patients will increase greatly.
The director actively participates in domestic academic conferences.
For academic societies that are rarely visited by those involved
You, the staff, also have a chance to participate in comfort.
Why don't you experience real beauty at a clinic that specializes in complete aging anti-aging?

Recruitment contents

Job type / work contents
It is a job to check and explain the course, schedule, price, etc. to the patient at the first visit. It is important to have a correct explanation, but at the same time, it is also important to respond according to the patient's feelings. Please tell me carefully and clearly ☆ Even if you do not have experience as a counselor, I expect the activity as a receptionist first.
If you are a nurse, you will be in nursing care for aesthetic medicine.

Target person
Easy personal computer input
* Person who wants to learn beauty and anti-aging as long as they can exchange emails.
* Those who want to grow with services and services
* Welcome to customers who have experience in service and sales such as customer service
* I like to communicate,
Those who can cherish teamwork
* Inexperienced industry is OK ☆
* Those with blanks are welcome!

Sakae Clinic
… Nishiki HOTEI Building 3F, 5-21-2 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Directions and Parking
1 minute walk from "Kuya Odori" station
A convenient workplace for commuting about 5 on foot from Sakae Station.

Working hours
9: 45 to 19: 00 (with break 1h) * Working on weekends and holidays

Monthly salary: 20 10,000 yen to 40 10,000 yen
3. Monthly salary 25-4 50,000 yen
* Pay up depending on ability
* Reward system available

8 days a month (rotation system), paid leave

Treatment and benefits
Payment within transportation regulations, social insurance, salary increases, bonuses, recreation facilities, orientation
● Training period: 3 months ... Hourly salary: 900 yen or more