Medical consultation of an amateur armpit

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I'm starting to get an email saying "Children are worried about aside". Of course, it can also be recommended for pediatric wakiga.

In particular, it's always tempting to have an incision on a growing-up child and let him have an operation. However, if you use electrocoagulation, you can treat it without cutting, so that is also safe.

I think it is a good idea for parents who are worried about their children to go there once. "



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I'm wondering why those who are worried email this publisher.

Normally, you should consult a doctor or medical institution.

On this site, the fact that medical advice is being provided by the operator is listed.

Medical consultations other than by doctors, dentists, and nurses can be problematic.


As far as the contents of this site are concerned, it is unlikely that we are providing correct medical information and complying with the law.

I'm very worried that such an affiliate site will be trusted and no major problems will occur.


I would like to examine this site and site operators in the future.


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