2 same in Tokyo? clinic

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A medical institution that conducts electrocoagulation as a treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis was investigated.

The reason started with complaints from patients.


A homepage that is designed and produced exactly like our homepage. The affiliate site clearly stated that it was exactly the same as our hospital.

I still have no idea why.


This electrocoagulation method for some reason It is published in 2 clinics with different names.


In either case, the doctor in charge does not know. Even the name of the doctor in charge does not come out.

The staff blog on this website is the same for some reason. Despite a different clinic.


The staff are the same despite the different names and clinic locations? Is it the same to the director?


Who is doing electrocoagulation at all?


Although it was a wonderful clinic PR on the affiliate PR site, there is no mention of the most important doctor in charge, and the secretary is saying that it is operating ... All the explanations are no secretary, no doctor at all.


There is no such a strange medical institution.

What is the background of this mysterious clinic's electrocoagulation method? .


* There is no relationship between our clinic for electrocoagulation in Tokyo and our hospital. All treatments are also different. Please be careful.