Arrested with just a doctor's name?

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Doctor name loan cases are happening throughout the country.

Despite the lack of working conditions ...

Absence of a doctor ...

Management has not been established ...


Named a non-full-time doctor in a case where a former manager of a cosmetic surgery clinic “Oka Clinic Okazaki-in” (closed) in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, was performing a medical act such as hair loss even though he was not qualified as a doctor. The Aichi Prefectural Police suspected of violation of medical law (opened without permission) on the 23rd, suspected of being introduced as the upper director and helping to open an unauthorized clinic. ●●●●● charges in Chukyo Hospital (Nagoya City) Arrested three of them.

In the alleged arrest, the three were conspired and were required by the Medical Law for approximately one year and two months from April 19, 2012 to June 30, 2013, although the suspect who was not a doctor was a substantial manager. It is said that the Sakai Clinic was opened without the permission of Mayor Okazaki. All three have denied the charges.

According to the Medical Law, when opening a clinic, a person who is qualified as a doctor must be notified to the prefectural governors, and a person who is not a doctor must obtain permission from the governor, ordinance-designated city, or the mayor of the core city. According to the prefectural police, Sakai Clinic had reported a male doctor working in another hospital to Okazaki City as an “opener” ●● The suspect was asked to “introduce a nominal doctor” ●● Suspect However, it seems that he / she introduced doctors and nurses to clinics through the suspects, ●● suspects are ●● suspects about 250,000 yen per month, ●● about 7500 yen per month for suspects It was said that was paid.

A male doctor who was renting out a name also examines the working situation in detail, and considers the case for suspected medical law violation.


Although it was an incident in Aichi Prefecture, there were cases where doctors lending a name were violated medical law if they had no actual work.

Recently, it seems that there are many cases where affiliate advertising agencies have been conducting PR and working with these medical institutions to attract patients.

Affiliate advertising operators should also be included.